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As another year draws to an end …

… we take a look back at what was a great 2014 packed full of gigs, tours and videos!  In the beginning of the year we began work on our very first Music Video with help from the talented Ludovico Chincarini & Alessandro Ambroggi along with the fine acting skills of Andrea Martinelli.  Dusty Roads seemed a good place to start which then led to the release (finally!) of our album “Nowhere Train” on March 31 with the guys over at Vaggimal and recorded at MellowSong Studio.

We were both incredibly pleased with how this album sounded and proud to have our names (not actually on the album haha) associated with it.  After the release of “Nowhere Train” we traveled to Bolzano to take part in BUSK2014 returning to our busking roots!  With that taste of the vagabond air we were eager to get on the road again however 2014 also saw the end of our degrees in classical violin and in June both myself and Lukasz were happy to announce that we had officially become Maestri!  Degrees under our belts, the summer sun above us and no more classes on the horizon we packed up and set off on our first European Road Trip.

By day confined to a car, by night a tent, in 22 days we traveled through Europe playing shows and busking in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic and finishing the tour by performing on the Jack Daniels Stage for the Home Festival in Treviso.  Shortly after returning to Verona we then headed to Switzerland for 3 more shows which included having the chance to open for the American (Virginia based) band Hackensaw Boys which turned out to be an amazing night!

With summer cooling off and winter around the corner we made our way through the pubs of Verona including the Celtic Pub and Osteria Manegheto  (to name them all would need a whole paragraph) performing at festivals such as the memorable Festa dell’Uva in Monzambano along side the talented Phill Reynolds and Amanda Rogers… oh so much wine! We then performed on the second edition of Sofar Sounds Verona, a 30 minute secret acoustic show which resulted in a great video of our song Dragons Eye.

Now as Lukasz is enjoying vodka with his friends and family in Radom and I sip on a whisky here in Perth while typing this post, the end of 2014 looms ever closer and I can’t help but wonder what 2015 has in store for us.  Another album? Another music video? Another European tour? America?  Who knows!?  All I can say is that we won’t be stopping anytime soon!

From both Lukasz and myself we hope 2014 was all that you wished for and more, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and may 2015 be an even greater adventure!

Aroostercratic Christmas