Back with a Bang!

We know it’s been awhile since we posted something new here and we apologize, but we hope you’ll be able to forgive us when we tell you about this exciting new project we’ve been working on!

What would happen if you took an orchestra and all our years of classical training  and then smooshed it together with a bit of whiskey, beer and most importantly our album “Nowhere Train”?  Well, put simply, you’d get an orchestral version of our album!  But come on, how cool does that sound?!

Together with the great conductor (and our friend) Maestro Andrea Battistoni we have arranged our album plus some added songs we love to play and are about to start rehearsals with Orchestra Machiavelli of Fucina Culturale Machiavelli under the leadership of conductor/pianist Sergio Baietta.

To make this an even more memorable event we have to decided to record the evening in it’s entirety including audio CD, documentary and live DVD! That’s where you come in!  To help us with the costs of what will be an amazing occasion we have started a kickstarter/crowdfunding site over at Eppela where you can pledge to our campaign and help us achieve our goal.  You’ll be rewarded with all sorts of goodies and have a special place in our hearts.

Check out the videohead over to the site and give us a hand in reaching our goal!

Mark & Lukasz