Stage It Live Show

Hello world, we have news!Stage It Show
On December 9 we will be trying something we’ve never done before, putting on a Live Show right from the comfort of Marks couch! The concept of StageIt, from our point of view, is online busking. Now busking is something we are very familiar with and this way, if you live in the US, Australia, Poland etc you’ll finally be able to catch a live show and get to know us! Here’s the link, grab yourselves a seat and we’ll see you on the 9th 4pm CET (TIME MAY CHANGE) for what might be awesome or a complete bomb! Either way, should be some fun!

Feeling left out?

We apologize that it has taken us so long to update our site with whats been going on, but no more excuses!

Where to start?? Well if you missed out on seeing what went on during our European Road Trip you can see our video/documentary here.   All in all it was a great experience!  Meeting so many new people, seeing some amazing places and not killing each other after being confined to a tent for 22 days!

After taking a few days off we then travelled into Switzerland, Lenzburg, to open for the Hackensaw Boys on their European Tour which again turned out to be a great experience and then we headed up the mountains to Bettmeralp for a bit of fresh air and a show!

Mark  Baronessa  Lukasz

Copyright: Otti WiederkehrHackensaw BoysBettmeralp

After returning to Verona we dived straight in and played numerous shows including the Monzambano Wine&Grape Festival, NANO Sound Festival, the opening of Osteria Banzetti and just recently for Progetto Manegheto.

MarkMonzambanoLukaszManeghetoThe AroostercratsManegheto 

For our next stop we’re headed back to Switzerland this time to Zurich to play at Kafi furDich October 10.  Hope to see some new faces and all those old ones soon!

Mark & Lukasz

European Road Trip

European Road TripWell we’re packing up the car, tuning the instruments and hitting the road for a European Road Trip!  On the 20th we’ll be saying ‘See ya later Verona’ as we make our way up to Sweden busking our way though Germany and Denmark while on the return leg hitting up Czech Republic and Austria as well.

We’ll keep you all up to date on where we’ll be so if you’re around and want to drop by, come and say hi, and as often as we can we’ll post photos and videos so you all don’t feel left out!

If you’re in the Padova area this Sunday 17th we’ll be playing our last gig at Il Chiosco before we hit the road, Jack.  But don’t worry we’ll be back around the second week of September before we pack up again and head on over to Switzerland to support the Hackensaw Boys from Virginia USA on the 27th Sept!

For now, enjoy the day, and we’ll see some of you on Sunday

Mark & Lukasz